Our story

The pursuing of elegance and the desire for beauty are Sandalista's parents. Every design is 100% handmade and Greek and we do not overstate at all! The beginning of the procedure after you finish your order is leather crafting. We give shape and style to a piece of genuine Greek leather just for your needs


After the Anti-slip heel measures are attached, we embellish each sandal with unique and exclusive for each project materials purchased from small Greek Businesses. Once we give substance to your pair, we enclose them in an exceptional package and set them free to find you and be a part of your vogue.


Sandalista has a presence in both international and national markets. From an international footprint in Dubai to a national headway in Mykonos, our glamorous footwear pieces are the perfect fit of elegance in just about any occasion.

The journey of our sandals

Sandalista sandals pass through many stages before accompanying you on your beautiful walks, summer trips, an event and even a choice for a comfortable casual daily life. The journey of our 5 years of working in the field of footwear, our company cooperates with small Greek craft companies from different regions of Greece where each of them does an excellent job, each in its field, giving us the footwear created by our design department.

So, let’s begin our journey..

During wintertime, our team in cooperation with the craft companies has reached the final form of the shoe, after you place an order, the craft company sends us the shoe in its original form. Then, at the Sandalista workshop in Peristeri, the designers do what they love best by adorning the sandal 100% hand-made and handcreafter, giving it the ultimate shape. After packing the order, we write a thank-you card with your name on it and give you a small gift, the sandals are ready to travel in every place in the world and they are made to give you smiles and enjoyable walks.

Φωτογραφί κεντρικής σελίδας σε εξωτερικό χώρο Handmade_Handcrafted_Woman_Σανδαλια_Πεδιλα_Χειροποιητα_Τακουνι_Ελληνικο_Γυναικειο_Παντοφλα_Γυναικεια_Καλοκαιρινα_Πεδιλο_Πεδιλα_Pedilo_Shoe
παγκος εργασιας στη βιοτεχνια με μαυρο σανδαλι

Greek Sandals and Materials

Greek Sandals

The history of Greek leather shoes, and in particular of sandals, comes from the earliest steps of the ancient Greeks. It reveals a lot the fact that it has endured so much over time, has evolved and is an ideal and at the same time a fashionable choice that remains classic.

Types of Leather

The main types of leather are Top Grain Leather which comes from the outer layer of leather and has the best durability, Full Grain Leather which is unprocessed leather and it is distinguished from any marks and finally Split Leather where it comes from the outer surface of the leather. This leather is more sensitive to its use, therefore is further processed to give us Kastori or otherwise Suede.

The main types of leather our company uses after processing the basics are:

  • Smooth leather, the basic leather used in sandal making, is extremely durable and inspires us to create beautiful designs.
Xena Σχέδιο κατηγορίας Σανδάλια & Πέδιλα φωτογραφία σανδαλιού από το πλαι

  • The suede , where the leather is soft and sensitive to the skin, because of the flexibility of the skin it hugs the foot giving the shoe its final shape by wearing it.
Iced Connie Σχέδιο κατηγορίας Σανδάλια & Πέδιλα φωτογραφία σανδαλιού από μπροστά

  • Nubuck is processed in the same way as Suede but instead we use the inner side of the outer surface of the leather. The processing of this leather gives us an extremely velvety texture giving us a comfortable and soft sandal.
Olivia blue violet Σχέδιο κατηγορίας Σανδάλια & Πέδιλα φωτογραφία σανδαλιού από μπροστά

  • Nappa leather is produces from the thin top outer layer of Top Grain Leather and has an extremely smooth and soft feel.
Trente Σχέδιο κατηγορίας Σανδάλια & Πέδιλα φωτογραφία σανδαλιού από μπροστα

  • Waxed leather, where with a special technique in the last stage of processing is polished and gives us the feeling of wax on the skin.
Waxy Xena Σχέδιο κατηγορίας Σανδάλια & Πέδιλα φωτογραφία σανδαλιού από μπροστα